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What is #CEduAD?

In the beginning...

It started as a Connected Educator Appreciation Day on 20th of October, 2018. It was a conference designed to bring together connected educators and celebrate them though 8 hours of live streamed conversations. This allowed for round table discussions on various topics about how educators are using technology in the classroom, so that they can share and learn from each other. People participated by joining an on-air panel for an hour, by just watching or engaging with us via Twitter. We wanted that day, the 20th of October, to be about you and celebrating your leadership by sharing it and inspiring others. We've shared the details about the event on our site, Elitewritings.com.

Since that day, #CEduAD grew into an online platform that hosts monthly meetups: #CEMM and connects teachers around the globe throughout the year.

Keep your calendar open for every 3rd Saturday in a month for #CEMM talk and book a whole day on the 3rd Saturday in October for Connected Educators Appreciation Day.

monthly meetups


connected educators database

2nd annual #CEduAD conference

October 19, 2019

What's the format?

The format of #CEMM sessions and all the 8 sessions during the #CEduAD conference is: 


  • two hosts

  • the hosts invite up to 6 panelists

  • we have a list of educators who are interested to join the talks, too :)

  • unlimited number of attendees who can join the conversation by typing a comment/question or “raise a hand” and the administrator allows the question 

  • a Twitter Chat is organised and run by CEduAD team to support and develop the topic simultaneously with the session

  • the session is recorded, edited and published on CEduAD YouTube Channel within 48 hrs. unless Michael needs to take a break, which he usually doesn’t

  • the event is announced on our website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts

  • CEduAD releases up to three Shout Outs a month to announce events, blog posts etc.

  • you can become a Blog Member and, once approved a Blog Writer and post blogs independently on CEduAD website

What's role you can take?


Be in charge of the topic, invite your guests, bring attention to what you think is vital for education


Be an active member of the discussion, share your experience and provide useful steps for others


Listen the panel discussion "behind the curtain" or raise your arm and join the talk. Chat with atendees, panelists and hosts in the chat room


Follow the #CEduAD hashtag and provide answers to questions in the Twitter Chat. Share with others, add links, comment


Become our Blog Member, get approved as a Writer and post blog posts on our live website. All your posts will be promoted within #CEduAD #globalPLN